Track your school bus and never miss a ride.

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Bus Compass
The mobile app that gives real time updates on where your school bus is – and when it will arrive. You shouldn’t have to guess when your kids will get picked up and dropped off from school. With Bus Compass, you will always be in the know.

Track My Bus

Locate your bus in real time. No more guesswork or frantic calling the school to find your bus or child.

Arrival Alert

“Bus Approaching” alerts sent directly to your phone. No more standing around in bad weather waiting for a late bus.

Schedule Change Notifications

Advanced warning when a bus is delayed, substituted, or even canceled. Oh, how sweet it is to know when plans change.

Beyond The App

Schools using Bus Compass enjoy additional benefits that make the trip to school safe, smooth, and more productive!

  • Ridership: Logs each individual student, ensuring everyone gets on and off at the right stop
  • Free WiFi Hotspot: Homework becomes “Buswork”
  • Live Video/Audio: School admins will know what is happening on the bus in real time
  • Incident Button: Drivers can instantly report problems and request help with the touch of a button
  • On Board Sensors: Alerting bus drivers so no child gets left behind

Your Data Stays Safe

Bus Compass is devised by industry experts on data security, so you and your children’s data have never been more safe and secure.

  • Access controls manage who can see your data.
  • No data about route, students, families, or school is shared with third parties. Ever.
  • Designed and built by software security professionals using cutting edge encryption practices.

Let's Get Started!

Notify me when BusCompass is available in my area.

Need Bus Compass?

Interested in getting Bus Compass for your school? Write to your school administrators about Bus Compass — you can use the handy template below!

Bus Compass Request Sample Letter